Genealogy / Local History

Estherville has a number of resources for those seeking information about local history.  The library itself contains an obituary file, a number of family histories, and a set of DAR books among the many volumes you'll find in our local history section. 

A digitized collection of our local newspaper archive is posted to the web for searching on and off-site.

Heritage Quest is available to be searched off-site. Ancestry Library Edition is available at the library on site.

The Local Yearbook Archive was created in partnership with the ELC Media Center to provide as many digitized issues of our local high school yearbooks as both institutions had in their collections.  Note that you may have to sign into a Google account to access the page.  If you have a yearbook that is missing on our list, we would be most interested in borrowing it for digitization.

We hope to partner with our Genealogical Society and the local museum to offer more detailed listings of all the local history resources you can find at each location.