Book Club Services

The EPL wants to help you have a successful book club. Read on to find out what we can do!

Book clubs such as the library’s monthly group, are a popular way to bring readers together.  Having the opportunity to discuss and share ideas about a given story or non-fiction selection can enrich the experience a reader has with a book and lead to further selections one might not otherwise have happened upon.  The library’s club is always open to new members, with meetings the first Thursday of each month at Noon. 

There are several other clubs in town, as well, both private and those open to new members. We would like to help ensure that these other clubs have the books they need to provide all interested readers with a copy, and so we offer this service.

  • Book clubs interested in working with the library to attain copies of their selections are encouraged to contact Tena Hanson ( or 712.362.7731). 
  • We will require at least 6 weeks’ notice prior to the date of discussion for a given book to ensure that copies arrive in time to allow for 4 weeks of circulation. 
  • Clubs will be allowed 5 free copies per month, including any the library may already have in its collection.  So, instead of using Estherville’s 2 copies and paying the $2 per book Inter-Library Loan fee for the remaining 3 copies (a total of $6), we will waive the fee for up to five copies. 
  • Here’s the catch:  anyone can check out the books.  Instead of keeping lists of each club’s members and offering the copies we bring in to those folks alone, we will put each club’s monthly selection on a shelf designated for that club and anyone interested is welcome to check out the book.  Some might check out your club’s books just to read along with you because they enjoy your selections.  Some might be considering joining your club, or some might be considering starting a club similar to yours. 
  • Open clubs can provide information about when and where they meet, and this will be displayed along with the copies of the book on your club’s shelf. 
  • Private clubs can offer a contact person who will field inquiries from those curious about joining or starting a similar club if you feel yours has reached capacity.


Offering 5 copies per month, we hope to easily provide 10 readers with that month’s selection, with each person using a copy for 2 weeks.  If your club is curious about taking advantage of this new service, we invite you to contact us with your questions.